Improving the management of Atlantic Landscapes: accounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services

ALICE will develop an integrated approach considering the relationships between human activities (social and economic aspects), ecosystem service provisioning and coastal and terrestrial biodiversity. The project aims at protecting biodiversity while assuring human activities through the implementation of Blue and Green Infrastructures to adapt to climate change.

Multi sectoral participation will take place through an innovative participatiory process fostering local knowledge and the involvement of relevant stakeholders (institutions, private and public, NGOs, civil society).

New media toolkit available, ALICE final congress presentations, new videos, etc

Activities will be developed by:

  • – Four Case Studies to address the common problems of natural resource management at a catchment scale.
  • – Combining a range of satellite images, Geographical Information System data and modelling frameworks to map aquatic and terrestrial vegetation formations and ecological processes;
  • – Enhancing the predictive capacity by using a multi-model platform;
  • – Social Learning between researchers and local stakeholders;



– Habitat mapping and hidrological models


– Predict social and economic barriers to the delivery of Ecosystem Services


– Support a sustainable implementation of Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks


Key and Specific objectives


– Handbook: Towards collaborative landscape management: Roadmap to a participatory assessment


– User friendly tool to support decision-making process in landscape planning


Main deliverables


– Regional and landscape managers


– Fisheries, tourism, agriculture and forestry companies


– NGOs interested in Blue and Green Infrastructure Networks investment


– Scientific community


– Policy makers


– Scientific data and Remote sensing


– Habitat mapping


– Hidrology modelling


– Scenario modelling for Land Use and Land Cover


– Participatory Learning