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Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks (BGINs)

A BGIN can be broadly defined as “a strategically planned network of high quality natural and semi-natural ecosystems/habitats that is designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services and to protect biodiversity in both rural and urban settings”.

Ecosystem Services (ES)

ES are understood as the many and varied benefits that humans receive from the natural environment and its ecosystem which have been classified in various ways over the decades, using categories such as REGULATING, PROVISIONING, and CULTURAL services.

Global change Scenarios

The combined effects of nature and society shape the composition, structure and dynamics of landscapes and ecosystems. Global Change encompasses all these factors, and can be defined as the alteration produced by different human activities on the processes that support life on Earth.

Socio-Economic Dynamics

The accurate identification of both the benefits of ecosystem services to human well-being and the costs of ensuring their continued delivery is a challenge. An understanding of both the market benefits and the non-market benefits derived from ecosystem services is required.

Case studies results

Building land-use land-cover change scenarios for the French case study

Highlinghting land-use related problems in Ireland/UK case study

Environmental issues and barriers to BGINs implementation in Spanish case study

Top BGIs priority and social-environmental issues on the Portuguese case study