Key objectives of ALICE

  • Development of a full package of new methods, tools and procedures to assist local/regional governments or interested companies (Shellfish gatherers, Forestry companies, etc.) regarding coastal and inland landscape management, targeting and stimulating Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks (BGINs) investment within the 4 Case Studies.
  • Quantification of the benefits for Ecosystem Services including biodiversity conservation and identification of solutions to overcome the economic and social barriers that may limit investment in BGINs in each of the 4 Case Studies.
  • Development of a stronger scientific, socioeconomic and environmental policy support for the effective implementation of future Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks.

Specific objectives

  1. Improve the characterization of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services;
  2. Characterization of habitat types (habitat and landscape mapping) and the creation of land cover dynamics model across the four Case Studies;
  3. Development of hydrological modelling to identify the linkages between terrestrial management and freshwater and coastal (estuarine) systems.
  4. Develop indicators for assessing the effect of landscape modification on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning;
  5. Identify and engage stakeholders in the planning and development process of the methods and procedures within each Case Study;
  6. Explore the existing schemes to adopt Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks and to deliver Ecosystem Services in the Case Studies;
  7. Socioeconomic analysis of the four case studies to build guidelines to inform policy makers about natural resource protection at a regional, national and European level;
  8. Design of payment schemes for ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation;
  9. Construction of spatial databases and development of virtual watersheds.