Partners meeting in Portugal (April, 2018)


Last ALICE meeting took place at University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro from 4th to 6th of April, 2018.

During this meeting, a capitalization workshop, guided by University of West Brittany, was performed under the chapter entitled Stakeholder Engagement.

Each case study was described in terms of abiotic and biotic environment as well as the socioeconomic conditions and problems of the areas. The main goals on the case study evaluation consist on the Green Infrastructure Components (GIC) and Green Infrastructure Network (GIN) best solutions to implement.

ALICE project has started in November, 2017 and it involves a multidisciplinary team that covers economic, social and environment approaches towards implementation of Blue and Green Infrastructures. Improvements on the characterization of biodiversity and ecosystem services at the land-sea interface in the Atlantic Region is a main purpose and an important base knowledge for the promotion of best solutions.

Four Atlantic coastal areas, the case studies, will work closely towards data integration under climate change scenarios and the regional stakeholders identifying and delivering the benefits from specific Blue and Green Infrastructures.

Biophysical models along with the characterization of relevante ecosystem services of coastal, riverine and terrestrial environments will provide empirical knowledge used to trace and inform the best nature based actions to deliver blue and green infrastructures and to help achieve the EU 2020 targets for biodiversity in Atlantic landscapes.

A participatory mapping, among other methods will be designed to be applied on the interaction with players close to each case study, to understate potential barriers and set a proper communication flow towards win-win achievements between providers and beneficiaries addressing blue and green infrastructures appliance.

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