International Spring University on Ecosystem services

The 2019 ARtificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services (ARIES) [1] event is directed to a new generation of scientists and policy analysts who can effectively use coupled human-environmental models in research, policy and management to address and solve sustainable problems. This year´s, the event was also intended as an update on the latest developments in the k.LAB modeling software, including key updates to make model coding and reuse more user friendly, targeted for both new participants and those from previous years.

This 1-week intensive training course was held from the 20th until the 24th of May at Hi! Plaza (Bilbao, Spain)

Structure and Content of the school

  • Theory of coupled human-environmental systems
  • Basics of integrated modeling and k. LAB software instruction
  • The k.IM semantic language and collaborative modeling
  • Ecosystem services modeling in k.LAB
  • Analysis and interpretation of results

Access the Course Contents here.

ARtificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services. ARIES is a networked software technology that redefines ecosystem service assessment and valuation for decision-making. The ARIES approach to mapping natural capital, natural processes, human beneficiaries, and service flows to society is a powerful new way to visualize, value, and manage the ecosystems on which the human economy and well-being depend.